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Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) laminates are manufactured with thermosetting polyester or vinylester resins and various types of glass fibre reinforcing. Materials are carefully selected for each specific application. The fiberglass reinforcement is thoroughly saturated with catalyzed resin to form a dense laminate with the required physical and chemical resistant properties. In general, the glass reinforcing provides the strength to the laminate and the resin binder provides the chemical resistance. All laminates are designed to meet the specific application requirements.

Our dedicated Technology Division leads all innovation, testing, Research and Development activities and is constantly evolving based on Customer feedback and Market requirements.

FRP composites are different from traditional construction materials like Steel and Aluminum. FRP composites are anisotropic whereas Steel and Aluminum are isotropic. Therefore, their properties are directional, meaning that the best mechanical properties are in the direction of the fibre placement.

These materials have a high ratio of strength to density, exceptional corrosion resistance and convenient electrical, magnetic and thermal properties. However, they are brittle and their mechanical properties may be affected by the rate of loading, temperature and environmental conditions.

Chemical & Fertilizer Equipment(1) Complete sets of sulfuric acid production equipment(2) Complete sets of potassium sulfate production equipment(3) Complete sets of compound fertilizer production equipment (Tower granulation)(4) Complete sets of organic fertilizer production equipment (5) Complete sets of phosphate acid production equipment (based on Hydrochloric acid)2. FRP production equipment and products(1) FRP tank production equipment (2) GRP pipe production equipment (3) FRP pipe, FRP tank, FRP tower and FRP cooling tower (4) FRP grating, FRP pultruded profiles(5) Polymer concrete cells3. Heating appliance (Radiators)4. Various types of rubber rollers5. All sorts of medical apparatus and instruments6. All kinds of electric cablesOur company is involved in process design, production, sale, installation and commissioning, through continuously strengthening internal management. We control quality of products strictly, and form a set of perfect production management, quality management and quality assurance system.

Post time: Jan-17-2022